We Did It Productions is committed to producing the most creative and entertaining projects out in the market. We approach every project with a focus on artistic integrity, appeal, cost, and worldwide impact.

Investing Partners
We Did It Productions is always in search for investors who share the same goals & desire to impact the world through film for the better while making a profit. We are open to investments in our current slate of projects or a project(s) that an investor has acquired & would like to join forces to bring that project to audiences around the world. We Did It Productions is able to assist with everything from script development to hiring crew. So no matter what stage of development your project is in currently, We Did It Productions is confident we will be able to step in and support you idea(s), thus pooling our combine efforts to bring any creative endeavor to fruition.

We Did It Productions welcomes the opportunity to join forces with fellow production companies and/or independent producers who share the same zeal for filmmaking and whose passion in life is to see great works make it to the big or little screen. We stand by the motto, "There are too many cooks in the kitchen, only if all the cooks are not cooking." We Did It Productions chooses to involve itself in all types of produced works. We are as eager to work in animation as we are in television or film. Our only criteria is that the material is good & those championing it, are willing to do what it takes to make sure an audience experiences it. So bring your passion projects, blockbusters, and your niche festival gems, We Did It Productions is ready to be apart of making  the impossible possible.

Benefactors, supporters of the arts are always welcomed and appreciated. For without the the generosity of those with the depth of spirit and the means to propel those with vision and creativity, many art forms the world enjoys today would not exist. All donations will  be accompanied by reciept for tax purposes & appropriate credit on completed projects for which funds were applied. Any questions regarding donating assistance, monetary or otherwise, please inquire so we can accurately answer any questions, including appropriating your donation to a particular project where applicable.

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