We Did It Productions' Mission

Our Mission: To produce projects that embrace the unique, rejoice in the human experience, challenge the status quo, inspire the uninspired and distinctively impact people's lives for the better.


Everything has merit—comedies, dramas, documentaries, shorts, Avant-garde showcase pieces. If it highlights the human condition and can cause an audience to laugh, cry, think, scream or change the way it perceives any given circumstance, we want to be a catalyst for bringing these projects to life.  

So if you have a project that needs a:

  • Director

  • Writer

  • Producer

  • Actor

  • Casting Director

  • Consultant

  •  Liaison

Drop us a line to see how we can help!

We Did It Productions
PO BOX 2662
Hollywood, CA 90078

(323) 769-5887

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