Current Projects
Below are a couple of projects on our busy slate. For more details on any of the items listed or information on projects not on this page, drop us a line!

"Space Thing" (animation sitcom)
"Space Thing" is a sci-parody about a lowly janitor that must fight to save the human race after becoming trapped on a crippled space ship deep in enemy territory, and he must do it with the help of a moody female assassin, infatuated robot, and alien with three penises. Um, think "Star Trek", only funnier or "Avatar" with more crude jokes. "Space Thing" is a Tribe of Dreams & We Did It Productions joint venture.


"The Gatherers" (TV pilot)

"The Gatherers" is mankind's documented journey of becoming aware that 'something' lives amongst us.

"Just Below The Surface" (feature film)
"Just Below the Surface" tells the story of a desperate father, Fremont, searching for a way to release his daughter of her tormented soul before she passes into the afterlife. And to save her soul, he will have to cross spiritual boundaries for which there is no return.


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